Posted by Marco Maga On November - 17 - 2014

When first moving into this neighborhood, I was given a warm welcome.  I was given a call list for emergencies, there were block parties and most importantly a sense of neighborhood.  I realize that the CC&R’s may not be relevant to us in this modern time, but the essence of a neighborhood does need to be preserved.  That is why all of us are living in an area with single family detached homes.  All anyone needs to do is simply look at what our City Hall is doing to the downtown landscape to know that is it a matter of time before someone tries to do the same in Monterey Heights.

I want our neighborhood association to go back to the basics of being a neighborhood association and not be disbanded.  I have no desire to be like Glen Park.

I would like to see a following:

  1. Create a list of names and contact information of our neighbors, organized by block.           
  2. Email out information about what the board is working on and what they need help with.
  3. Reinstitue a neighborhood watch program.  There have been break ins in the neighborhood that could be stopped.
  4. Instead of disbanding the group, try to create activities that re-create the old fashioned neighborhood.  
  5. Forest Hills has dues of $300 per year but do all sorts of activities—Halloween parties, ice cream truck socials, etc.  $27 is not much and maybe as the association moves forward they can look at increasing dues to help create what the neighborhood needs.
  6. Stay politically vital to protect Monterey Heights and preserve and improve our neighborhood.


Most importantly, let us not compare ourselves to other neighborhoods, but rather protect what our neighborhood has that has drawn all of us.

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