Posted by Marco Maga On August - 3 - 2015


There have been a number of coyote sightings on our streets the last few weeks. A few of the most recent ones have been during daylight hours. In other areas, coyotes are normally seen in daylight, generally hunting for food. However, the volume of daylight sightings has increased for Monterey Heights and adjoining areas. This is most likely due to the drought which has disturbed their normal habitats for obtaining food and water.  Generally they are not aggressive towards humans. However, they will attack small unleashed pets as prey.

The linked SFGOV article, Coexisting with Coyotes provides excellent information on how to handle any interactions with coyotes. Tips are also given on how to avoid having these animals come close to our homes, searching for food.

Attacks against children are extremely rare. However since we are now seeing them in daylight hours on our streets; it would be a good idea to advise our children on how to handle the interaction, if they happen to see a coyote. You should file a report with San Francisco Animal control any time you see a coyote behaving aggressively, or exhibiting strange behavior.



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