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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Results of Annual MHHA Board Elections
Our annual MHHA Board elections took
place in December of last year. We welcome to a
three-year term new Board members Misha Cao,
Greg Naeve and Erika Ragland and returning
Board member Kimber Blackburn. We also
welcome Theresa Allen who was appointed by the
new 2017 Board to a one-year term. The new
2017 Board with Officer positions noted is as

Theresa Allen
Kimber Blackburn – President
Misha Cao
Leslie French – Secretary
Michelle James – Treasurer
Greg Naeve
Kendall Patton
Erika Ragland
Steve Roditti – Vice-President
Helen Scully
Cathy Topham
Marie-Cecile van de Lavoir

We extend our sincere thanks to outgoing Board
members Paul Anderson and Laurie Bernstein.
Please remember that Board meetings are
open to all Homeowners. We meet on the 4th
Tuesday of each month (except July and
December) at 7:15PM at the Taraval Police
Station Community Room on 24th Avenue. The
best way to contact any Board member is to send
an e-mail to

Monterey Heights Second Annual Spring
Garden Tour – Sunday May 21st from 3-5PM

The MHHA is again organizing a tour
through several of Monterey Heights’ private
gardens. Please come and join your neighbors in
looking at the wonderful greenery we have in this
neighborhood and get to know your neighbors.
For the gardeners among you, this is the perfect
opportunity to pick your fellow gardeners’ brains
to hear what grows well (and what doesn’t) in our
We have already heard from some of you
that you would like to open your gardens to your
neighbors, but we would like to have some more
gardens to put on the tour. Also, if you would like
to display your art or other professional or hobby
items (think: honey, wine, pottery, weaving, jams
etc.) for your neighbors, we would love to match
you up with a garden. Please e-mail us at (or return the attached
survey) if you are able to participate as a garden
host or displayer.
Tour addresses will be announced by
postcard which will be hand-delivered at a later
date. We hope to see many of you there! Coffee,
cookies, and some libations will be served.

Traffic Calming in Our Neighborhood
Our Board of Supervisors and the SFMTA
support the Vision Zero program with a goal
toward eliminating all traffic deaths by 2024. Part
of this program involves traffic calming -- a
project to control vehicle speeds and thereby
protect pedestrians and prevent accidents. If any
homeowners are interested in applying for traffic
calming on their block, please visit This link
explains the program and includes the application.
If speed humps are not feasible, other measures
may be considered by the City. Applications for
the 2017/2018 program are being accepted from
February 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017.

Plant a Street Tree in the Neighborhood with
Friends of the Urban Forest
On Saturday May 13th, the Friends of the
Urban Forest (FUF) is sponsoring a tree planting
event in the Monterey Heights, Sunnyside and
Miraloma neighborhoods. Although the deadline
for requesting your own tree has passed (April
5th), you can still participate in the actual
neighborhood planting itself. Please e-mail us at (or return the attached
survey) if you are interested in participating.
FUF is a non-profit organization that helps
San Francisco residents get new trees on their
blocks, at reduced cost. Thus far, FUF has worked
with neighborhood communities to plant over
50,000 trees in San Francisco.
Why should you join with FUF in planting
a tree? Street trees provide benefits such as:
increasing property values, cleaning the air,
preventing flooding, reducing crime, promoting
exercise, absorbing traffic noise, calming traffic,
increasing privacy, and building neighborhood and
civic pride. For more information on the benefits
of street trees, please visit

Participatory Budgeting
This year, Supervisor Norman Yee has
again sponsored a Participatory Budgeting
Program which invites Residents to have a say in
the allocation of monies to pedestrian safety,
culture, neighborhood services and school,
education & youth in their District. We hope you
received our e-mail announcing the period for
voting, which ended March 31st. (Note that if you
are not on our e-mail list, you can join by visiting and clicking on the
register tab.) While the MHHA’s proposal for
reducing vehicle speeds on Yerba Buena did not
make it on the ballot (as the SFMTA was reluctant
to install speed cushions), the MHHA is still
working on other options outside of the
Participatory Budgeting Program including
installing a crosswalk on Yerba Buena at Casitas
and Hazelwood.
In 2016, the MHHA’s proposal to renovate
the triangle at the intersection of Yerba Buena and
Miraloma to increase safety and enhance beauty
was funded. Thus far, two tree trees which had
previously blocked drivers’ vision have been
removed. Once the rainy season ends, the City
should replace the retaining wall and replant the
area with drought-tolerant plants.

NERT and SAFE (Reprised from our Spring
2015 Newsletter)
Living in a beautiful city like San
Francisco we often take things for granted.
Unfortunately, with all the good in our City, we
must not forget to be prepared for the bad. These
might include car break-ins, street cell phone theft,
home burglaries or the dreaded gift of Mother
Nature in our area - Earthquakes! Everyone lives
such a hectic life in the City that we far too often
put these realities on the back burner, thinking
they will never happen to us. Well, Benjamin
Franklin’s adage of an ounce of prevention is
worth a pound of cure should be taken to heart!
Although we cannot always prevent something
unfortunate from happening, we are blessed with
numerous programs at our disposal to help us be
prepared to confidently handle whatever the
situation may be, survive and perhaps make a
difference in a life and death situation. Two such
programs free of charge to us are the SF Fire
Department NERT Training and San Francisco
As you may recall, SAFE (Safety
Awareness for Everyone) is a non-profit
organization offering numerous free services
concerning safety preparedness for everyday life
in the City free of charge to SF residents. One of
their programs is the Neighborhood Watch Group,
in which SAFE facilitates the grouping together of
neighbors on a single block in the name of crime
prevention. You can get a Neighborhood Watch
Group started on your block by filling out a
request form (found on the SAFE website at and making an appointment.
As you may further recall, NERT
(Neighborhood Emergency Response Team
Training) is a free program offered at numerous
locations around the city and is taught by the
SFFD. In the program, you would be trained in
emergency disaster skills which would enable you
not only to be self-sufficient in the event of any
major disaster situation, but to act as an adjunct to
SFFD disaster responders. The program
comprises 6 class sessions, totaling 20 hours of
hands-on practical and life-saving skills. These
classes are fun, extremely informative and most of
all confidence-building so you will be properly
prepared to take care of yourself, your family and
neighbors following a major catastrophe.
Remember, City officials have said more than
likely we will be on our own at least the initial 72
hours after a major disaster, as City
rescue/fire/police/utility services may be far too
taxed to respond to everyone’s needs. Be
prepared! The SFFD is currently accepting
registration for classes. The website
has more details on when and where these classes
will be held.

Be a good neighbor: Please help decrease street
Some streets in Monterey Heights are so
narrow that parking cars on both sides of the street
makes it impossible for more than one car to drive
past at a time. Partially parking on the sidewalk is
actually against the law and statistics show that
street-parked cars get broken into more frequently
than off-street parked cars.
What’s the solution? Park on the street as
a place of last resort, or if you’re just going to
drive off again in a few moments. Particularly if
you own more than one car, please consider using
your garage and driveway as your parking spots of
preference. By being a considerate neighbor we
can work together to help eliminate neighborhood

Winter Holiday Celebrations
In the spirit of “it’s never too early to plan
ahead” the Board would like to gauge Homeowner
interest in social activities in December. We are
considering throwing an all-ages Holiday Party
and planning a Christmas Caroling Event. Please
give us your input on the survey below or e-mail
us at
* * * * * *
_________________________ ___________________________________
Name Address
_________________________ ___________________________________
Phone number E-mail address
☐ I would like to participate in the Garden Tour as a host or displayer.
☐ I would like to participate in the Friends of the Urban Forest Tree Planting.
☐ I would be interested in attending a family Holiday Party.
☐ I would be interested in participating in a Monterey Heights Christmas Caroling event.
Additional comments: ___________________________________________________________

Please mail to: Monterey Heights Homes Association, P.O. Box 27125, SF, CA 94127.

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