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 Winter 2016 Newsletter

Report from the 2016 Annual Meeting

We again had perfect weather for this year’s Annual Meeting which was held in the gardens of Board member Kendall Patton the afternoon of Sunday, October 2nd. Thanks to all who attended and contributed to the sumptuous feast of hors d’oeuvres.

At the meeting, Jane Martin from Plant SF spoke on the subject of drought-tolerant gardening and Lieutenant Goss from the Taraval Police Department spoke regarding crime and safety in Monterey Heights. A summary of Jane’s talk can be found on our website at

Report on the Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) Tree Planting in Monterey Heights

Two trees were added to our neighborhood on September 10th by Friends of the Urban Forest – a primrose and a small leaf tristania.

As you may recall, FUF is a non-profit organization that helps San Francisco residents get new trees on their blocks, at reduced cost. Thus far, FUF has worked with neighborhood communities to plant over 50,000 trees in San Francisco. Please stay tuned for Summer 2017 planting dates and opportunities for you to get involved.

Report on Second Annual Garage Sale

Our Second Annual Garage Sale, which took place on Saturday, September 10th with fifteen participating homes, was a success! Early risers were treated to Peet’s coffee, fresh-squeezed orange juice and a selection of seasonal homemade muffins (including fig and pumpkin) before going off to man their own garage sales, or check out their neighbors’ sales. In addition to motivating people to clean out their garages and organize their storage areas, the garage sale was a great vehicle for socializing with neighbors. Based on the feedback we’ve received (believe it or not, some of you are running out of things to sell!), we’d like to hold our garage sales every other year. So hopefully, by 2018, you’ve amassed enough unwanted stuff to join us again. As always, if you have any comments, we welcome them at

Please Participate in our Second Annual Spring Garden Tour

On Sunday, May 21, 2017, we will reprise the Monterey Heights Spring Garden Tour. Our inaugural tour featured five gardens, an array of drinks and munchies (wine, lemonade, cheese and cookies) and a guitarist. We are hoping for an even bigger event in 2017. If you are interested in opening your garden to your neighbors, please contact Board member Marie- Cecile ( Also, if you are a musician or a visual artist, we would love to offer you a space in which to showcase your talent!

Update on Participatory Budgeting

As you may recall, Monterey Heights’ Participatory Budget Proposal, which requested $25,000 to increase pedestrian safety at the City-owned Miraloma/Yerba Buena triangle and to re-landscape the same, did not garner enough votes to receive funding. However, a few months after other Participatory Budget projects were funded, Norman Yee’s office informed us that a surplus of funds existed, and that our project — which proposed the removal of two juniper trees which impacted drivers’ vision and replacement of the trees with drought- tolerant plants — was to be funded!

Work on implementing our proposal has begun. DPW has posted the trees for removal. DPW has also sought estimates for demolition, soil replacement, retaining wall installation and
replanting. Additionally, you may have noticed that the crosswalks spanning Yerba Buena and Miraloma have been re-lined. We will provide further updates on our website as work progresses.

Please Consider Serving on the Board

Serving on the Board of Directors is a great way to meet other Homeowners and to have a real influence in shaping the future of Monterey
Heights. We are currently seeking Homeowners (who are up to date on their dues) to serve on the Board of Directors. In 2017, we have a single one-year seat to fill by appointment. We meet the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7:15 PM in the Community Room of the Taraval Police Station. Please contact us at, if you are interested.

Please Consider Volunteering for a Committee

One great way to get involved with the Monterey Heights Homes Association is to serve on a committee. The Welcoming Committee welcomes new Homeowners to the neighborhood by personally greeting new Homeowners and delivering to them welcoming packets and small plants. The Website Committee creates and maintains website content. The Newsletter Committee writes and publishes a newsletter twice a year. Please let us know if you

would like to join one of these committees by e- mailing us at

Thank you for your positive response to our “Maintain Your Yard” letter

As you may recall, we mailed a letter with the Annual Meeting notice, addressing the fact that some homes were letting their yards become quite unattractive. A few months have passed since the mailing of that letter and now, with the beginning of the rainy season, Mother Nature is lending us a helping hand. We want to thank everyone who responded to our letter by trimming, mowing and weeding. Please keep up the good work!

New Bakery in West Portal by Marie-Cecile

For all of you who have been waiting to get a bakery on West Portal Avenue, there is good news; the Noe Valley Bakery is opening a branch at the space previously occupied by Noah’s Bagels. They hope to open by the end of January, unfortunately not in time for us to get Holiday cakes in West Portal.

But when the end of January comes, you will be able to get freshly baked breads, breakfast items, cakes and tarts right in our neighborhood. To satisfy your cravings of good bread, there will be a cafe menu for sit down or take-out with sandwiches, quiche, savory and sweet bread puddings and much more. For the sweet tooth, there will be cookies, (cup) cakes, desserts, tarts, and special holiday foods. And to make it easy, you can even order your cakes online.

Mary and Michael Gassen have been running the Noe Valley Bakery for 22 years and this will be their first expansion. They are very excited to come to West Portal as they have a long history with the street – – Michael lived on West Portal Avenue while attending SF State.

I know that many of you have indicated that you wanted to see a bakery on West Portal Avenue. You now have an opportunity to show your enthusiasm. You can buy “credibles” — a prepayment for all the bread and pastries you will be buying. If you prepay a certain amount, you can get extra credit (10-15%) and Mary and Michael can use that money to create the bakery in West Portal that they envision. Of course you can use these “credibles” also at their Noe Valley store. Please consider:

I, for one, am ecstatic. The problem is that I will have to lose some weight before they open so that I do not have to pick one but can try all their offerings.

Crime and Safety

Following up on the discussion of crime and safety at our Annual Meeting, here are some tips:
• If you have an emergency, please call 911 for immediate assistance for Police, Fire or Paramedic

service. If you don’t have an emergency and want to report a crime or incident, please call the San Francisco police non-emergency number (415-553-0123 Taraval Station or 415-404-4000 Ingleside station) for assistance. SFPD Facebook, SFPD Twitter and SFPD Nextdoor are NOT the places to report crimes or incidents that are occurring.

• Advise your neighbors when going on vacation. Always leave your alarm on when leaving your home. • Consider obtaining a security camera system. Numerous options are now available with affordable pricing.
• Do not leave any personal property visible in your vehicles when parked outside. Remember to take your remote control for your garage with you when parking outside your home.
• Doing a remodel? There have been a few recent break-ins involving theft of contractor tools and building supplies. Work with your contractor to secure these items.

Job Opening: Administrative Assistant

We are still looking for a permanent Administrative Assistant. This part-time PAID position is mainly clerical in nature and requires a candidate who has their own computer. The salary is $25/hour, and the work is not expected to exceed 200 hours in any given year. The job description is posted on our website Interested parties should contact the Board at There is NO requirement that the administrative assistant be a Monterey Heights Homeowner, so if you know of someone outside the neighborhood who might be interested in this position, please pass the word!

Own a Piece of Monterey Heights “History”

Relying on representations from the City that we would be able to hang “Monterey Heights” signs off light poles in our neighborhood, we had fabricated 13 aluminum signs with a dark green powder coating that bear a graceful monterey cyprus and stylized writing. However, when it came time to get the hanging of the signs approved, the City refused to give approval based on zoning ordinances, despite the fact that neighboring Westwood Highlands and St. Francis Wood (subject to zoning ordinances identical to Monterey Heights) have hung signs in their neighborhoods. We reached out to our District 7 Supervisor’s Office, and they hit a dead end as
well. Thus, we have decided to sell the signs at cost. One of the signs could make a beautiful addition to your garden. Please consider purchasing one for $150 by contacting us at Two have already been sold!

Photo of Monterey Heights Signs

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