Posted by Marco Maga On July - 17 - 2017

What would you give to end ALS?

Hello neighbors, I’ve been living with ALS for five years. My daughter was two when I was diagnosed; I was 33. I’m now in a wheelchair, and we moved to the area three years ago when we were fortunate enough to find a one story house. Two years ago, I started a campaign to raise money and awareness for ALS. #whatwouldyougive challenges healthy participants to give up an ability for a day or a few hours the week of August 1-8. I call it an Exercise in Empathy. It’s been quite successful in raising money for research at the ALS therapy development Institute in Cambridge Massachusetts. This year, we are working specifically to get a promising drug into clinical trials. ALS is a neurological disease, with similarities to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. A treatment for one could be a big deal for all of these illnesses. Forgive my lengthy post, but I wanted to invite you all to check out our campaign at This year, my daughter will be giving up her voice on August 6. If you’re interested, you can learn more about our family and our story at or at Thank you so much! Sarah

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