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Posted by Marco Maga On December - 5 - 2017

Holiday Caroling The first annual Monterey Heights Holiday Caroling event took place on the evening of Sunday, December 17th.  Carolers and attendees were treated to crisp temperatures, festive camaraderie, and cookies, cakes, hot cocoas and eggnog at four different homes in the neighborhood.  Some “groupie” neighbors traveled with our lovely  [ Read More ]

Posted by Marco Maga On September - 18 - 2017

Fall 2017 Newsletter Private Security Patrol in Monterey Heights? You have asked about the feasibility of such a program and we invite you to learn more at our Annual Meeting and Potluck Supper on Wednesday October 25th at 6PM when Steve Rank of Rank Investigation and Protection will address this  [ Read More ]

Posted by Marco Maga On September - 11 - 2017

Sick and tired of crime in our neighborhoods? Join our effort to stop car break-ins in San Francisco. We need neighbors to join us on Wednesday at City Hall for an important Board of Supervisors vote: WHAT: Join us at City Hall this Wednesday September 13 to support two important  [ Read More ]

Posted by Marco Maga On September - 7 - 2017

Garden Tour 2017 On Sunday May 21st, 2017, the Monterey Heights garden tour took place for the second time.  It was a gorgeous day and although the fog was trying to move in around 3PM, it retreated and left the sky sunny for the remainder of the afternoon. The aim  [ Read More ]

Posted by Marco Maga On July - 17 - 2017

What would you give to end ALS? Hello neighbors, I’ve been living with ALS for five years. My daughter was two when I was diagnosed; I was 33. I’m now in a wheelchair, and we moved to the area three years ago when we were fortunate enough to find a  [ Read More ]

Posted by Marco Maga On November - 18 - 2016

Summary of Jane Martin (PlantSF) Talk at 2016 Annual Meeting 1. Groundcover – alternatives to grass: Consider Dymondia margaretae or Polygonum capitatum. Broadmoor Landscape Supply offers some low water, low maintenance grasses as sod. See their six “California Native” options pictured at 2. Gophers and Moles: Consider trying cages  [ Read More ]

Posted by Marco Maga On November - 19 - 2015
Posted by Marco Maga On October - 11 - 2015

Spring 2017 Newsletter Results of Annual MHHA Board Elections Our annual MHHA Board elections took place in December of last year. We welcome to a three-year term new Board members Misha Cao, Greg Naeve and Erika Ragland and returning Board member Kimber Blackburn. We also welcome Theresa Allen who was  [ Read More ]

Posted by Marco Maga On August - 3 - 2015

COYOTES IN MONTEREY HEIGHTS There have been a number of coyote sightings on our streets the last few weeks. A few of the most recent ones have been during daylight hours. In other areas, coyotes are normally seen in daylight, generally hunting for food. However, the volume of daylight sightings  [ Read More ]

Posted by Marco Maga On February - 2 - 2015

Down load a PDF copy here:– >  Residential Burglary Prevention PDF

Posted by Marco Maga On January - 12 - 2015

Congrats to our new Board members and welcome back to everyone else! Leslie French – 67 Michelle James – 66 Steve Roditti – 72 Marie-Cecile van De Lavoir – 68

Posted by Marco Maga On November - 17 - 2014

When first moving into this neighborhood, I was given a warm welcome.  I was given a call list for emergencies, there were block parties and most importantly a sense of neighborhood.  I realize that the CC&R’s may not be relevant to us in this modern time, but the essence of  [ Read More ]

Posted by Marco Maga On November - 17 - 2014

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Posted by Marco Maga On February - 24 - 2012

The MHHA is looking for volunteers to serve on the following committees: (1) Welcoming Committee (2) Traffic Calming Committee (3) Website Committee (4) Newsletter Committee Any help you may provide will be greatly appreciated.  If you are interested send an email to and a current Board member will contact you.    [ Read More ]

Posted by Marco Maga On January - 23 - 2012

The MHHA Board would like to thank outgoing Board members for their service to the neighborhood: Kendall Patton and Catherine Topham Thank for all your service and please keep active with the Homeowners Association  

Posted by Marco Maga On January - 4 - 2012

The  Taraval Police station located at 2345-24th Ave.  San Francisco, CA  94116,  at the corner of 24th Ave and Taraval street.