MHHA’s Board of Directors

The Association and 12-member Board of Directors were created in the late 1920’s by the recorded Declaration of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Monterey Heights.  A copy of the CC&Rs should have been made available to you through your title company when you purchased your home.  Board members serve a term of three years on a rotating basis.  We are solely funded by our annual dues of $27.  Invoices are mailed annually.

The mission of the Monterey Heights Homes Association Board of Directors is to fulfill the requirements of the Bylaws of the Association to create and maintain a safe, valuable, and beautiful neighborhood in Monterey Heights. The Board is a channel of communication between residents of Monterey Heights and the rest of San Francisco through participation in regional councils, city-wide institutions, and other organizations that deal with the well-being and safety of our community and neighborhood.  By these means, matters of importance to Monterey Heights are elevated to a wider constituency, and information, concerns and notices are made known to the residents of Monterey Heights.  The Board serves to listen to the concerns and suggestions of residents. The Board tries to operate in an efficient, transparent and friendly manner.  We value constructive input, ideas, and assistance. Residents will be treated courteously; questions and concerns will be addressed in a timely fashion.

The Board of Directors has been comprehensively reviewing the Monterey Heights Homes Association Bylaws.  The Bylaws describe the process that the Monterey Heights Homes Association uses to conduct business.  This document has not been amended since 1997.  As this is no small undertaking, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed and passed, with a unanimous vote of all the Board of Directors present, the revisions to the Bylaws.  The amended Bylaws bring them up to date in regards to annual dues, methods of notification and better clarification as to the roles of the various Positions of the Board of Directors.  The revised Bylaws are available to all Members.  If you would like to have a copy of the revised Bylaws, visit the “contact” page for information.

Some of the tasks performed by the Board of Directors are:

1. Acts as a forum for neighbors to discuss proposed construction projects prior to permit filing.

2. Assists and supports neighbors when extensive projects are proposed which might violate the CC&Rs and zoning ordinances.

3. Communicates with homeowners through this website, as well as in an annual newsletter about activities such as traffic calming, the waste water master plan, health and safety preparedness and local city contacts for emergencies.

4. Sends a Board delegate to the West of Twin Peaks Central Council, an umbrella organization of similar single family neighborhoods.

Current Board of Directors:

Kimber Blackburn -President

Michelle James -Treasurer

Steve Roditti -VP

Leslie French – Secretary

Helen Scully

Marie-Cecile van De Lavoir

Misha Cao

Greg Naeve

Erika Ragland

Theresa Allen

John Gallagher

Charles Borg

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